Yellow Diet – Melt 4 kg in 8 days

Solar or yellow diet is ideal when the warm, sunny days, will arrive and the summer is felt in the air.

It’s an interesting diet that can easily lose weight without hunger and without blowing hard.

The secret is the yellow foods.

General rules:

Yellow diet should not take more than 8 days.

If properly track, you can lose up to 4 kilos.

The basic rule is to eat only products in yellow color. Of course, fresh.

Moreover, another rule that is important – every day should eat at least 4 different fruit in equal amounts.

Daily you can eat up to half a kilo of yellow food.

Excellent recommendations for morning meals are yellow fruit shakes, through which you enter the necessary vitamins and minerals.

During the sunny diet you can drink as much as you want water and yellow juices and teas, certainly without sugar.

Permitted food: bananas, pineapple, apricots, melon, lemon, pumpkin, yellow apples, yellow cheeses … and everything else that has a yellow color and a fruit or vegetable.

Example daily menu:

Breakfast: 2 bananas and a cup of chamomile tea (you can mix it in a blender and drink it as a shake)

Lunch: 150g yellow cheese and yellow beans

Dinner: Fruit salad 2 yellow apples, pear and pineapple.


If you want maximum results, as with any diet, you should include physical activities and plenty of fluids. Short daily walks are also welcome.

Solar diet can be complicated for pregnant women and a person with chronic diseases is not recommended.

Required consult a doctor before you start pulling.