Sexy, beautiful and successful: the Youngest Billionaire in the world – 20-year-old Alexandra Andresen

As a three-time junior dressage riding champion, it’s probably safe to say that Alexandra Andresen’s preferred mode of transportation is a horse. But as the world’s youngest billionaire — she’s worth $1.17 billion — she has many more options available to her, from zip lines to luxury air travel.

Here’s what it’s like to travel the world as a 20-year-old billionaire.

Alexandra Andresen is worth $1.17 billion.

Her family is known in Norway for Tiedemanns, a tobacco brand, as well as Ferd, an investment company that she now owns 42% of.

Alexandra’s Instagram account gives an insight into her life as the richest billionaire; with her love of horse riding well documented alongside her exotic travels and glam nights out with her friends.

In many of her snaps, Alexandra shares her luxury travel experiences.

While there are a lot of pictures of her horses, Alexandra also posts other animals she sees on her travels – like elephants and giraffes on a trip to Africa.

The brunette beauty has posted snaps of herself on jet skis and snorkelling as well as zip lining on a trip to India.