The legendary hair grips of the 90’s are coming back in vogue

It is our favorite fashion accessories that absolutely adore two decades ago, and this season is back in a new guise of the fashion scene.

The past few years, it happens an explosion in the popularity of fashion and cultures of the 90’s, so no surprise that our favorite childhood accessories – grips hair – again in vogue.

Sympathetic details of styling hair found in the seasonal supply of well-known brands such as Forever 21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Topshop, and look forward again to bear and look through the city streets.

However, no matter how we evoke nostalgia retro former clamps, despite the improved quality, new versions and modern prints and endings, adapted to current trends.

Some in metallic shades and holographic pattern, some of them are inspired by the horns, and others are soft and velvety, or with floral prints.

Here are some cute ideas: