Your face betrays you: Do you eat too much sugar and dairy products?

Everything that enters the body is reflected in our skin.

Before reaching for another biscuit in the workplace, think carefully about the following: food, except that generally affects the health and weight, and can ruin your complexion. Dr. Nigma Talib whose book ‘Younger Skin Starts in the Gut’ released in March this year, also lists the different categories of unhealthy complexion: wine complexion, milky complexion, sugar, etc. complexion.

The thin and sensitive skin

People who consume too much sugar so high they have wrinkles on the forehead, dark circles, acne all over his face and a grey colored face. For them it is also characterized by thin and sensitive skin. The point is that the sugar is to glycation, a process in which glucose molecules bind to proteins collagen and elastin, wherein the crosslinkable are in solid and rigid structure, and thus flexible and elastic or else molecules loose their properties and functionality.

To avoid this negative effect, the formula is simple – avoid sugar as much as you can!

What is the harmful effect of dairy products are concerned, they are the face manifest themselves in the form of swollen eyelids, dark circles, pale face and pimples on the chin. Even if you do not have problems with lactose, eventually it all the more difficult to digest, leading to inflammation in the body, including the face.