Easy and Cute Home decor Ideas – Decorate With Nature

Bringing touches of nature into your home will help create a relaxing atmosphere and improve air quality, plus it can look really pretty.

1.Long-Lasting Floral Alternatives

Dried flowers and a mossy arrangement are two cost-efficient alternatives to flowers or plants. In addition to their natural beauty, they require no water and little to no maintenance.

2.Simply Buy Some Plants

Plants add a ton of beautiful color and life to a home, and they actually improve the air quality in your home. When plants respire they release oxygen into the air

3.Pictures of Nature

To best utilize the open space above a fireplace, two art pieces were installed, chronicling the homeowner’s travel adventures. One of the easiest nods to nature is sweeping photography of inspiring natural locations.

4.Tree Trimmings

Tired of spending money on fresh flowers? Tree cuttings from the yard can make a beautiful, large statement in place of fresh flowers. This type of arrangement is easy, just refill when it’s looking faded and droopy.

5.Make Art from Nature

Turn moss and wood into artwork. Here, natural elements were glued on to a wood frame to make an eye-catching display. Using moss is a great alternative to large plants; it’s versatile, inexpensive and needs little maintenance.

6.Rocks and Gems

Raw materials like a solid marble tray and a luminous hunk of amethyst crystal add a ton of character to a coffee table – and make for a gorgeous, and useful conversation piece.

source: DIY Network