Now You See Me: 10 ideas with the mirror that makes your house looks bigger and more beautiful

The mirrors at home décor can really anything you like: to make the space seem higher, wider, more elegant, capture lighter, calm atmosphere or “throw” a little drama, fairy-tale. We bring you 10 ideas on how to mirror the right choice to edit your home!

1.Do not be afraid to wall mirrors larger – just such surfaces give the room an impression of lightness. It’s great trick for the bathroom, hallway or staircase. And everywhere you want to see your entire figure until you dress and makeup.

2.Larger mirror can frame it as a picture and attached to the floor, a little bit “hit or miss” leaning against the wall. So you can point out a nice piece of furniture, a decorative item or indoor plants.

3.The special light effects set the mirror so that “catch” more natural light coming from a window or in the vicinity of the mirror set a lamp or candles.

4.Monotony large and barren wall can “break” a combination of several smaller mirrors in different sizes and forms. Especially nice look “scattered” round mirrors.

5.Moving, rotating mirror is an excellent choice for a dressing table.

6.Trick that will “catch an eye” and certainly look away, and with it great “double” room is a closet with mirrored wings, or a table with a mirror surface.

7.If the space is divided into several smaller units (eg. Dining room, living room), in addition to the play, so that in each unit is a mirror of different shape. For example, free-standing mirror, like painting easel, it is very effective decoration in the room

8.In a large white, somewhat dramatic contrast will give a mirror with massive black frames.

9.Disappearing sliding door or sliding door closet in the mirror performance will give the room an extra “depth”.

10.Don’t think about mirrors only as decorations for rooms, but also play with the space and unexpected objects like disco balls with mirrored glass slides.