Don’t skip the most important meal of the day: Ideas for quick and healthy breakfast

Every morning we like to stay as long as we can in bed, but it often makes us to hurried start the day and does not leave us enough time to enjoy the breakfast. Because half an hour longer sleep in the end it will not feel better, but if you get up at the time you set off fed into a new day. We bring you ideas for breakfast with which you can hardly wait for morning.

Every day, start fully eaten. We believe that you are often in a hurry and do not arrive always think about the first meal of the day. However, breakfast is indeed the most important. Here are a few tips to hastily prepare healthy and easy meals for you better start your day.

1.Favorite food – always and everyone

Since we all can remember, we know for a popular rhyme: “One egg every morning gives the body strength and energy”.

And nutritionists agree that eggs are one of the most useful food products. They can be prepared in countless ways, but the simplest is a 3-minute cooking.

If you want to prepare perfect soft-boiled eggs, it is necessary before cooking to make a small hole in the shell the eggs. Excess air will come out, and this will prevent cracking. Even less time you will lose if you are well organized. Eggs cook, but while counting down three minutes, hastily prepared and delicious seasonal salad and your breakfast, full of healthy ingredients – ready.

2.Elementary foods – the foundation of any diet!

The day can start with cereals. It is important to choose those that contain fiber and protein as you will stay longer full. One of the healthiest cereals is oats. Oatmeal (of cereal) can be prepared with warm milk or yoghurt. If you do not like the taste fully, freely insert a cube of dark chocolate. You will quickly prepared breakfast so be healthier, because dark chocolate improves blood flow and lowers cholesterol levels.

If you do not have cereal, in yogurt or milk, add crumbled wholemeal biscuits. Of course, the breakfast we should never skip, and if you’re in a big crowd and out of the house you went out without breakfast, the bag package insert healthy cookies from whole grains, such as Grancereale, which will be ideal quick breakfast.

3.Bananas – healthy and creative complement to breakfast

Yellow fruit is the best source of resistant starch. This is a healthy carbohydrate that keeps long feeling of satiety. The ideal simple breakfast prepared smoothie of banana. Just peel them and put them in a blender along with the milk and sugar and then briefly cool in the refrigerator. Bananas contain potassium which helps lower blood pressure, and especially suitable for persons suffering from hypertension. Bananas can also add in the cereal, which will thus enrich and creatively complement the healthy meal.