Little black dress – a mandatory accessory in closet

How to combine different looks with the same dress

In the wardrobe of every woman, there are certain pieces that you have to have are a real classic. That it ensures that there is always a large number of colors and accessories needed to “look perfect. Short black dresses are deified by ladies of all ages, and perfectly highlight the female line.

Little black dress Coco Chanel today is a true piece of occasions when you want to look elegant and simple. The first dress that was created a sleeveless idea above all was to be practical. The purpose of black dress varies from late meetings to evening outings, and daily walking to work, depending on the way you decide to combine. He is a real savior for the days when we are not sure what to wear, hides imperfections, but also highlights our strengths when it comes to the line of the body. Designers recommend how eternal the best choice, which is present regularly on fashion runways, with new unique accessories, especially the lace.

Slightly higher heels, makeup stronger and more elegant jewelry, can your black dress to make perfect for night outings. Adding headscarf by choice, can give a totally different dimension of style, and a different context to your dress.

Small black dresses are perfect if you want to accentuate your legs, while special elegance and elongation of the figure gives black tight dresses with knee length.

Interesting accessories that are recommended are:

  • Belt – whether narrow or wide, completely transformed the area of ​​the waist. Colorful colors or simple elegant belt, everything depends on the impression you want to capture.
  • Scarf – elegant shawl which previously mentioned, can serve as a belt, which is especially interesting combinations of daring girls.
  • Boots – except elegant heels that are always classy, choose some boots which depending on the accessories will fit with them.
  • Jewelry – a different kind of jewelry gives a totally different impression when wearing short black dress.

Whatever the current fashion trends, make sure that the little black dress is “in” at any time, so allow yourself different combinations each season. Especially on important occasions, go safe with what works best visually highlights the lines of every body – and it is exactly that.