DIY: Create stylish and affordable garden furniture range

Not only comes to fashion, but also their practicality and actually more than a good price.

With the arrival of warmer spring weather, many are beginning to think about new arrangements for gardens, terraces and balconies. If you like in their open space to see some new piece of furniture, such as furniture or new chairs, deck chairs, or a practical coffee table, shelves and the like, and a little bit you “short” with cash or simply prefer self-processed wood and home projects furniture made of used pallet right answer.

In recent years, production of garden furniture range really has become popular because of the reasonable price, ease of assembly and reuse of wooden pallets, and even little retro industrial tricks that give the room. Also, you have control over how your terms of reference be from pallets to be easy or difficult, and what your budget making

Before you definitely need to know how much you need variety. One standard Euro pallets (pallet whose wood is treated against pests in wood) has measures 120x80x14,4 centimeters and weighs between 20 and 24 kilograms, and the payload is around 1,500 kilograms.

To create furniture can be used and used, but we must pay attention to the wood is rotting, damp, that no unusual sides smell that is impossible to remove ventilated or not to be fat…

Patina on pallets should not bother, it is essentially the furniture can give additional charm, especially if you do not plan to further treat paint, but the choice is yours.

But the long story short, here are some interesting ideas, which you can either copy or adapt to their own taste and needs

Garden and balcony furniture

All who have ever been looking for garden furniture know how much they can cost, but in the end will not meet the criteria nor the price nor the size or quality. Sets of palette, although they have their limitations, with a little effort and skill, may seem formidable, be durable, functional, and what is most important very, very affordable.

Start of smaller projects – like these

If you have never had the opportunity to see, let alone use and cultivate variety, start from smaller and simpler projects. Create interesting garden tables, chairs, deck chairs. If you enjoy the result, move on to bigger projects…

Countless purpose

Pallets, including wooden boxes can be with a little imagination turn into a piece of useful garden items, which will enrich your garden space and give it a special charm.