7 rules in which you will never have to say, “I have to start with a diet”


Healthy food in no case should not be fashion or challenge a nice body on the beach, it must be something that will look throughout the year.

However when you have before you a rich table sometimes difficult to resist all that junk food and be comforted that the next day you’re on a diet, so you spend calories.

The fact is that the body does not work quite that way, and therefore there are some simple rules that if you respect no need of any diets.

  • In winter you do not have to quit winter specialties

Many do not know that the traditional winter foods contain large amounts of vitamins, because they contain kale, fresh and pickled cabbage.

  • To not have to do detoxify the body, do not make us intoxication

During the winter you should not forget fruits and citrus fruits, which are present throughout the year. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, but have large amounts of fibers that promote digestion.

  •  The spring is rich in healthy foods

Therefore, eat fresh food. Out shopping, buy fresh fruits and eat them raw.

  •  It is important that we eat, but also what we drink

Increased its motion requires more fluid intake, ie high water intake. Water with lemon is a great way to start the day.

May 5 is high time to increase the intake of beta carotene reddish-yellow vegetables

During the summer months the bacteria more easily develop, and therefore need to eat spicy food because it prevents the development of bacteria. This is also the time when the markets starts and sales of fresh seasonal vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes, so make sure they are part of your meals.

  • Keep it as long as possible the good mood of summer vacation and start planning your future obligations, and nutrition

As autumn and winter come increasingly want to eat hot soups, especially cream soups mushrooms, tomatoes…. Pumpkin is also perfect food because it has slightly alkaline effect on the whole organism.

  • Do not let any change in diet to discourage

Studies have shown that it takes about 28 days to obtain a healthy habit, so be persistent and do not give up.