How can you have white teeth like celebrities, without spending thousands of dollars?

The smile is very important for each person, a vehicle especially when everyday life is connected with meetings with many people. In today’s modern society there are many methods that your smile can be shiny. The surest way is teeth whitening e a dentist, but it is quite expensive method and not everyone can afford. But here’s what you can do at home:

1. Brush your teeth after every meal. It is best in the morning and evening to brush at least 2:30 minutes. It is important to use quality toothpaste. Use humor with a fresh fragrance to rinse the teeth and mouth.

2. Lemon juice and add water in it can also help in whitening teeth at home. Immerse the toothbrush, then brushing her teeth.

3. Baking soda is also used for whitening teeth, but do not apply this procedure more than 6-7 days. Also the length of brushing the teeth should not be more than 1 minute, because soda can damage tooth enamel.

4. Make a mixture of honey and a teaspoon of salt. Brush you teeth with the mixture to once a week. The result is visible after about 2 months.

Usually these procedures for teeth whitening help, but the effect of their application is seen in many months. The ultimate goal will be achieved only with perseverance. If, however, the yellow color of the teeth does not disappear, it is embarking on the most expensive method, but guaranteed with 100% – bleaching the dentist.